The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is just a few miles north of our Inn on the San Mateo County coast in Moss Beach, California. There are tidepools for viewing a variety of marine life and having a fun outing.  Any low tide below +1.0 feet will provide an array of tidepools with a variety of plants, and marine invertebrates. “The Reserve is open during daylight hours but the life in the tidepools can only be seen at low tides, below +1.0 feet. So, before you come to the Reserve, check your newspaper, an online tide guide, or a tide book which is available at marinas, boating or fishing shops. Please know that the tides at Moss Beach occur about one hour earlier than listed for the Golden Gate. Tidepooling is best done just before and just after low tide. Be sure to bring a windbreaker, a sweater and a pair of dry shoes.”

Starfish at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach